Adding a Photo Album to your Webon site:

General Operation
The Photo Album can be placed onto your site by
1. click on the Add-ons tab in the toolbar
2. dragging it onto your site where you want it to appear.

Creating a New Photo Album
The most important thing to know about the Webon Photo Album is that it is tied to a specific folder in your Media Manager called an "Album". To keep yourself organized it is a good idea to first create an Album in your Media Manager and fill it with pictures you want to be in the Photo Album Add-on you are about to place on your site.

  1. Go to your Media Manager and create a new folder... name it something relevant to the Photo Album you are about to create such as "John and Mary's Wedding Pics" or "Weekend at the Lake" or "Spring 2010"

  2. Either drag-and-drop pictures into the folder you have just created or go into the folder and upload pictures into it.

  3. When you are happy with the pictures you have put into the folder close the Media Manager, go back to the Site Editor, go to the page you want the album on, open the Add-ons palette and drag the Photo Album icon onto your page.

  4. When the list of choices appears select the folder you just created such as  "Spring 2010" and click "Create" - the album will appear on your site with the pictures you just choose.

  5. Additionally, any time you add photos to that Album in your Media Manager they will automatically appear on your site inside the Photo Album Add-on.

Photo Album Settings
Photo Album settings are accessed from the "Settings Cog" and the images can be managed, re-ordered, renamed, rotated, and removed by selecting from the Owner Options dropdown and clicking the "Go" button:

If I rename the Photo Album will the Folder in my Media Manager update to show the change?
Yes, in fact it works in both directions... if you rename the folder in the Media Manager, the Photo Album will update to reflect the change... or... if you rename the Photo Album itself, the Folder name in the Media Manager will update

Can Albums be Re-used?
Yes, as many times as you like... drag and drop them anywhere you want them. They can even be shared between sites.  That is why it is so important to keep your pictures organized within albums

Photo Album Comments:
In the Settings Options site owners have the ability to allow open commenting on the Pictures in their Photo Albums or to moderate comments before they are posted. If you choose to moderate you can be alerted by email whenever a site visitor leaves a comment