Adding a PayPal Shopping Cart to your Webon Site:

Before you get started placing a PayPal Shopping Cart on your Webon site it's important to note that:

The basic task is just: 1.) sign up for PayPal 2.) set-up products in your cart and 3.) publish your site.

Here are the detailed instructions:


Set up PayPal to receive payments if you have not done so already. (Receive Payments online with PayPal)


Set up your Shopping cart. Drop the add-on onto the Page and follow the instructions that appear inside the body of the Add-on which read as follows:

To load a Shopping Cart into this add-on:

First: Click the "Edit" link in the top right corner of the Add-on, enter your PayPal info, and set your currency. If you do not have a PayPal account go to: to sign up.

Then: Click "Manage Products" to add products, images, and prices.


Finally: Publish your site and your customers will be able to purchase your products.