Adding a Google Calendar to your Webon Site:

Before you get started placing a Google Calendar on your Webon site it's important to note that:

After that making a Google Calendar appear on your Webon site using the Google Calendar Add-on is easy once you know the steps. 

The basic task is just: 1.) get the Calendar link from Google 2.) paste it into the correct box in Webon and 3.) click Save.

Here are the detailed instructions:

Go to your Google Calendar and click the drop-down arrow next to the Calendar you want to appear on your Webon site. (You can have multiple Google Calendars... each will have it's own "settings")



Step 2
In that drop-down menu click "Calendar settings"



Step 3
Open up your "Calendar Address", HTML version



Step 4
Copy your Calendar Address from the Pop-up window that appears

Back in Webon:

The Google Calendar can be placed onto your site by

1. clicking on the Add-ons tab from the toolbar

2. dragging it onto your site where you want it to appear.

Step 5
Go back to your Webon editor and click the "Settings" icon at the top right of the Calendar Add-on

Step 6
Paste the Google Calendar Address into the "Google Calendar URL" window and click "Save" - This is also a good time to name your calendar if you like... though that is not required and you can come back and do that anytime you like.

Your Google Calendar should now appear on your site in the editor window. Don't forget to Publish your Webon site to see the Calendar live on your site online.

ONE FINAL NOTE: any adding or editing of entries to the Calendar must be done on your Google account... but once added there they will automatically appear on your Webon site.